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How Can I Stop Procrastinating? 6 Ways to Cure Procrastination FAST

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How Can I Stop Procrastinating? 6 Ways to Cure Procrastination FAST

Sarah Mae (SMae) |
How Can I Stop Procrastinating? 6 Ways to Cure Procrastination FAST

“How Can I Stop Procrastinating?” Has to be one of the top questions I get asked. This is funny when you think about how driven and ambitious entrepreneurs are.

Yet, no matter how dedicated we are, there are always things to procrastinate in business and in life.

So if you’ve been putting off writing your next blog post, updating your sales funnel, or creating a morning routine you love, this post is for you!

Why Do Entrepreneurs Procrastinate?

When it comes to procrastination and entrepreneurship, the Six Styles of Procrastination by Linda Sapadin and Jack Maguire fit perfectly. They are:

The Perfectionist Procrastinator – You have high expectations for yourself and others. You tend to focus on details but may miss the big picture. Your fear of making mistakes, being wrong, or being perceived as inadequate holds you back from completing or even starting tasks.

The Worrier Procrastinator – Your fear of failure stops you from starting or completing tasks because you are afraid you will not succeed. You’re not just worried about being perfect, you don’t feel like you’re competent enough to start. You often doubt your abilities and paralyze yourself wondering about the “what if’s”.

The Busy Overdoer Procrastinator – You’re so busy and over-committed and have no time left. You’re a multitasker and often struggle to prioritize what’s important. Your to-do list is endless and you run around doing things all day, yet you rarely feel accomplished.

The Optimistic Dreamer Procrastinator – You overestimate your skills and underestimate the challenge. You often think that tasks are going to be super easy and, inevitably, they end up taking you a lot longer than planned. You often just do what you feel like at the moment, forgetting or ignoring previous plans and/or priorities – it will all get done anyway!

The Crisis Maker Procrastinator – You LOVE to leave everything to the last minute! In fact, you THRIVE on it. You need the pressure to alleviate feeling any other form of discomfort while doing a task. You often ignore important tasks, then, at the last minute, work frantically to get them done, with mediocre results.

The Defier Procrastinator – You drag your feet on anything you don’t think you should have to do. “I shouldn’t need to have a website to get clients!”, “I shouldn’t have to post on social media to build my brand!”, “I shouldn’t have to meditate every day to feel calm and grounded!”. You feel like these are unreasonable demands on your time, so you put them off.

You may find that you identify with more than one of these styles of procrastination, that is okay. What I find is that just being aware of your tendencies can help you overcome them.

How Can I Stop Procrastinating?

Now that you hopefully have a better idea of why you procrastinate, here are six ways to cure procrastination FAST:

1) Know Your Why

I talk about this one a lot and that is because it really is the most important part of following through on your tasks and goals. If you don’t know why you’re doing something you’re far less likely to do it because you won’t care.

This is especially true when it comes to avoiding procrastination. When you know WHY you are doing something, you are less likely to let fear hold you back or leave it to the last minute.

Need some help understanding your WHY? Download my free Time Master Guidebook.

2) Build Momentum

All too often people wait until they feel “motivated” to start. This is backwards thinking. You must start in order to feel motivated.

But how do you start when you’re a chronic procrastinator?! You just need to take ONE step.

👉 Want to build momentum to work on your business plan? Schedule 5min after dinner to look over what you have done and add one thing.

👉 Looking for momentum to exercise every morning? Put your gym clothes on when you get out of the shower.

👉 Momentum to meditate? Sit for 1 minute after your workout.

This works because starting is over half of the battle, and when you’re only committing to one minute a day, no motivation is required. Anyone can do anything for one minute a day!

3) Strategic Advance Planning

As humans, we’re wired to take the path of least resistance, so if you decide you’ll just do things when you feel like it, those things are likely never going to happen, or it is going to happen very last minute – I’m looking at you, Crisis Makers!

So it is important to plan out what you want to accomplish and schedule it ahead of time. Include a specific time and location, as well as what you’re going to need and how you’re going to have it ready.

Once you’ve thought through when, where, and how you’re going to do something, and have written it into your schedule, you’re 50% more likely to follow through!

You can increase the percentage more by sharing your plans with a supportive friend that can hold you accountable.

4) Embrace Failure

As scary as it is, there is no growth without failure. This is why it is so important to embrace a Growth Mindset as an entrepreneur. This is the fundamental understanding that your intelligence, skills, traits, and abilities can ALL be developed.

With this mindset, you understand that failure is the process of succeeding.

When you truly embrace this, you don’t need to put things off because you’re afraid of failing, or making mistakes, or being wrong.

5) Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Back when I first started to look for ways to increase my productivity the first thing I did was optimize my nutrition.

Food is literally energy. You do not expect your car to drive on empty, so why would you expect yourself to?

Unless you’re Dr. Strange, you have very little control over time. What you do have control over is yourself. So if you want to stop procrastinating make sure you have the energy to do all the tasks you’ve set for yourself.

6) Create a Successful Environment

Another great way to overcome procrastination, regardless of your procrastinator style, is to create a successful environment for yourself.

The environment around you has a huge impact on your productivity and behaviour. The mood that is set with your decor, the images on the walls around you, the state of your desk, all these things affect you and can be used to your advantage.

When I wanted to read my Life Vision every day, I started putting my journal on my table where I have my coffee. The visual cue of seeing it there in the morning reminds me to read my vision and I don’t have to go looking for my journal to do it. Best of all, no motivation or phone reminders required.

When you have a task that you want to complete, be kind to your future self and set up your environment to make it easier to get started.

The Bottom Line

How Can I Stop Procrastinating? First, you want to understand your procrastinator style so you have awareness around what gets in your way of accomplishing the things you set out to accomplish. M

Next, you can use th above 6 strategies to get going. So you stop putting off the things that matter, whether it is in your business OR your personal life.

Want to take this further and master time like the boss you are, so you can have a life outside of entrepreneurship? Download my FREE Time Mastery Guidebook HERE. 

Rise With SMae

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