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I combine Life Coaching and Teaching to help adults who took the safe route in life, finding themselves stuck in the daily grind with no clear way out, overcome their lack of confidence, create habits that serve them, and gain clarity with a success plan, so they can design a purposeful life they can’t wait to get out of bed for!

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What Are Habits
Essential Skills

What Are Habits? How to Create New Habits and Stick to Them

What are habits? As a high school teacher, I know that Habit Literacy is an Essential Skill that everyone needs to master, but I also know

Self Management Skills
Essential Skills

Self Management Skills: 5 Strategies to Manage Oneself Within Time

Self-management is an Essential Life Skill. This post explores self-management vs time management and tips to improve your self management skills.

Benefits to Mindfulness
Essential Skills Mindset Shifts

3 Benefits to Mindfulness as an Essential Skill for Rising to Your Peak Potential

The latest research by neuroscientists has demonstrated the importance of practicing mindfulness. Here are 3 Benefits to Mindfulness that make this Essential Skill worth investing your energy into.