I know you're busy AF running your biz, so I'm gonna keep this quick...

When was the last time you were "unproductive"? GUILT-FREE?!?

Yeah... I thought so...

Hi! I'm Sarah Mae and I help busy entrepreneurs like you create a life outside of work.

Because whoever said work/life balance is a myth just hasn't met me yet!

When was the last time you were "unproductive"? GUILT-FREE?!?

Yeah... I thought so...

Hi! I'm Sarah Mae and I help busy entrepreneurs like you create a life outside of work.

Because whoever said work/life balance is a myth just hasn't met me yet!

You love your biz... But isn't the WHOLE POINT of entrepreneurship FREEEEEEEDOM!?!

You've probably tried:
  • All the productivity apps... They work for your biz but why not for your life?!?!
  • All the time management strategies and programs... That were either too complicated or the results only lasted 5min.
  • All the fancy planners... Yes, I'm talkin' about the forgotten ones you used for a week and tossed in a drawer (I know you had the best intentions!).
  • Time blocking... But things come up throughout the day.
  • Having a morning routine... Which only lasted about a week.
But here's the thing...

Just like your biz, you need a PLAN for your personal life, otherwise these strategies are just a complete waste of your precious time.

I'm so happy you're here, because nobody's got time to waste - especially not you!
RiseWithSMae - Mindful Productivity Coaching for Entrepreneurs

I know how hard it is to juggle all the things. Before I became a productivity coach I was an educator.

Let me tell you right now, no one KNOWS "busy" like a high school teacher. Have you ever read 200 five-page essays in a week thoroughly enough to give valuable feedback? Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was a teacher that coined the term "burnout".

Definitely NOT the best role model for work/life balance, I knew things had to change. How was I going to start a business when I was tired ALL THE TIME?!

First, I tackled creating more energy and space in my life to get my business going in my "spare" time.

Yet, pretty soon, I was back to feeling burnt out trying to juggle everything. So, I tried all the “productivity” tools but found they just made me work MORE. My father is an independent contractor and has had zero work/life balance my whole life. I KNEW this was NOT what success was going to look like for me.

I realized that when you look at productivity as just getting sh*t done as fast and efficiently as possible, you’re missing the bigger picture. What you really want is intentionally optimize ALL areas of your life so you can enjoy the journey. You only have so many trips around the sun, ya know?

That is when I decided that, just like my biz had a business plan, I needed a Life Plan. This plan helped me finally focus like a boss, so now I help entrepreneurs create their own Genuine Personal Success Plan (GPS) too!

I promise, work/life balance is NOT a myth.

The foundational systems that I put in place helped me to build a coaching business and co-found the Best Life Coach Collective, all while still working full-time as a teacher and not sacrificing all the other areas of my life.

And I want to help you set clear goals that are achievable, so you can be happy with what you've done for the day - stop, and enjoy. No planners or complicated productivity apps required. Just some strategic planning and action-taking to make progress quicker, with less effort. You did it with your biz, I know you can do it with your life too.

Sarah Mae - Mindful Productivity Coaching for Entrepreneurs
Get to know SMae!
  • I live in Vancouver, Canada with my husband and long-haired chihuahua, Loki-Juan Kenobi (@lokijuan_kenobi)
  • I LOVE all things cozy: comfy socks, hot tea, soft PJs, puppy cuddles, books, thunder, all the Harry Potter movies... #Gryffindor
  • I HATE HATE HATE scary movies AND suspense. So I'll look up what is gonna happen... even if I'm just watching the Gilmore Girls!
  • Techno & House fill my Spotify favs, but I still know all the words to Snoop's entire Doggystyle album and Nirvana's Unplugged in New York (the 90s were the best).
  • I lived in bonnie Scotland for 5 years where I developed a love for Castles, Hiking, Turkey Curry Buffets, and Hairy Coos (that's Highland COWS, not what you find up someone's kilt) Get your mind outta the gudder ;)
  • I'm a Certified Human Potential Coach and a Board-certified High School Teacher with two decades experience working with Youth - and no I don't want kids #bestauntever!


  • To have a MINDSET that is not controlled by a Bully Brain telling me what I can and cannot do.
  • To have routines and HABITS that give me so much energy and time to live my potential.
  • To have the FREEDOM to do what I want, when I want, where I want, and with whom I want.
  • To have a business that LIGHTS ME UP and helps other entrepreneurs live their BEST LIFE, the way the school system doesn’t.
  • To have the physical and mental LONGEVITY to enjoy it all.
  • To wake up every day to an AMAZING view from my beautiful home.
  • To have a PASSIONATE love affair with my husband (11 years and going strong!).
  • To go on ADVENTURES with friends and travel often.
  • To spend regular QUALITY TIME with family and my pup.
  • To be FILLED from my day rather than drained by it.
  • To build a COMMUNITY that gives people a sense of BELONGING.
  • To improve lives and MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

This is my Life Vision and I am living it, or well on my way to living it, every day.

Let's get you on track too!


To be "productive" when you need to be and "unproductive" when you want to be?

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