Mindful Productivity Roadmap

For the busy entrepreneur yearning to work less and play more.

Every single entrepreneur needs to be able to tap into mindful productivity…

… because if you want to be able to avoid the “productivity trap” so you can work less and play more, it’s the BEST skill to have.

Grab the Mindful Productivity Roadmap to learn it now!

With This Roadmap You’ll Learn:

✔️ My BaseCamp Framework to Mindful Productivity, so productivity starts to flow naturally.

✔️ Why you’ve been feeling the way you have about your biz+life balance.

✔️ 3 Strategies you can implement today to improve your Time, Energy, and/or Focus, so you can take mindful action that you can take today, instead of just winging it with the latest “productivity” apps.

Hey! I’m Sarah Mae,

I’m a Mindful Productivity Coach, ex-high school teacher, and co-founder of the Best Life Coach Collective.

I left teaching to become an entrepreneur entirely for the freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want, and with whom I want.

However, on the journey to fulfilling my biggest dreams, I started to feel worn down by my productivity. I realized that when you look at productivity as just getting sh*t done as fast and efficiently as possible, you’re missing the bigger picture. Fact is, you can’t enjoy the journey when your focus is on the hustle, and that is where “Mindful Productivity” comes in.

This concept completely changed my life and how I do things. So, I created this Roadmap to help you avoid the same “productivity trap” I fell into.

I’m excited for it to do the same for you! 🙌

P.S. This is my fur babe, Loki-Juan Kenobi. The best accountability parter ever!