Route to Rise

Gain the confidence and tools to create your life vision, build better habits, and implement a clear plan that will enable you to create the life you've always wanted but never knew how to pursue. Now is the time to RISE to your Peak Potential!

Having taken the safe route and feeling stuck in the daily grind, you KNOW you're on this Earth for something more - but right now you're...

  • So busy with…! Where does all the time go?!
  • Letting your Bully Brain that’s telling you you’re “not good enough”, “smart enough”, etc. sabotage your life.
  • Watching your to-do lists pile up and wondering how the heck you’re going to get all the things done?!?
  • Struggling with crappy habits and frustrated that you can’t make healthy ones stick no matter how many times you restart!
  • Feeling stuck in a life and career that just kind of happened to you.
  • Tired & Burnt Out… Hitting snooze a billion times not to mention that 3pm slump.
  • Stuck in the dreaming stage. You know you want to take control and live your best life, on your terms, but the idea of starting feels overwhelming!
  • Ready to Rise to Your Peak Potential, but have no idea where to start?

It’s time to get in the drivers seat of your life and your choices.

RiseWithSMae - Take the Driver's Seat of your Life

It starts here…

You DESERVE to live the life of your dreams - NOT the life someone else wanted for you.

Are you ready to…

  • Take control of your Bully Brain & KNOW you are ENOUGH?
  • Wake up each morning motivated & excited to start your day, no longer needing to hit snooze 10 times
  • Understand what limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck and how to overcome them?
  • Learn how to create sustainable healthy habits that give you more energy, time, and space to accomplish your goals?


  • Live a life that is fully aligned with your purpose, passion, and values?
  • Create a Genuine Personal Success Plan (GPS) to get clear on your goals and how you’re going to achieve them with confidence?
  • Feel 100% FULFILLED with your life, no longer settling for just 30% of joy or a “but this is how it is” mentality?
  • RISE to YOUR Peak Potential?

Route to Rise

Why Route to Rise?

I've taught High School, and I know you probably learned some great academic skills (if you can remember them). But how to live a healthy, balanced life doing what you love? Sadly, not so much.

You're not alone.

I've been there too and I know it's overwhelming to think about shifting from where you are now to where you always dreamed you would be.

This is the program that will get you there!

As a

life vision and success strategist

I'll guide you to creating the life you've always wanted. Together we'll uncover what has been holding you back, increase your energy levels, and build SUSTAINABLE healthy habits.

With a great foundation in place, we will focus on gaining clarity on what you REALLY want out of your life. What your heart is longing for. 

With this clarity you’ll be able to align your passions, purpose, and values to create your own customized Genuine Personal Success Plan (GPS) that will be your future life manual, guiding you and keeping you on track as you create the life you want for yourself - On your own terms and nobody else’s.

Having been through a very rough few months, I was feeling lost and helpless with no real direction in life anymore. I reached out to Sarah and after the first coaching session I felt a huge weight off my shoulders and felt like I was finally able to see past the emotional baggage and find my direction and motivation again. She is very knowledgeable and patient and helped me work through everything, putting in place some healthy habits to focus on. I can't recommend Sarah enough!
Sarah is an amazing life coach. She is very empathic and professional. My sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side. I appreciate the sessions I had with her and would recommend her to my friends and family!
Sarah is so easy to talk to and provides a safe, non-judgemental environment to discuss ideas and thoughts with. Her support and guidance has greatly helped my decision making process and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for support in gaining clarity around their goals and building the habits needed to achieve them.

Our 13-weeks together includes:

  1. Pre-Session Route to Rise Workbook.
    With pre-session questions and resources, this workbook will help you get the most out of our time together.
  2. FIVE 60-minute Video Coaching Calls.
    In these bi-weekly sessions I will help guide you in developing the mindset, habits, vision, AND plans that will support you in building success on YOUR terms.
  3. A customized Genuine Personal Success Plan (GPS).
    Throughout our sessions we will work together to co-create your GPS Plan so that, by the end of our time together, you will have a personalized guidebook to living your BEST life, on your own terms and nobody else’s.
  1. 90 Days Support
    After our first coaching call you’ll have unlimited access to me via Voxer & Email for 90days to get your questions answered between sessions.
  2. A Private Collab Space
    To make it easy to share and work on your GPS together you’ll have access to a Private Collab Space for 90 days. This space will also include recordings of our sessions so you can go back to them anytime!
  3. BONUS – a 90-minute GPS Strategy Session AND a 90-minute On the Rise Strategy Session via Zoom (Value: $297)
    During these sessions we’ll deep dive into creating AND implementing your custom GPS plan

Your Route to Rise

(1) Base Camp

Base Camp is where we will set you up with a solid foundation to Rise on. We will look at what’s been holding you back, increase your energy, and create healthy routines & habits so you can flourish.


(3) On the Rise

Unlike most coaching packages, at this stage we will work together to actually put your plans into ACTION by defining your North Star Goal, directing your focus, and creating accountability so that you follow through. You’ll emerge from Route to Rise with the tools and knowledge you need not only to plan out the life you want, but how to actually make it happen.

(2) Your GPS

Here we will co-create your Genuine Personal Success Plan™. With your completely one-of-a-kind GPS Plan, you’ll have a personalized guidebook that will give you clarity on your values, a vision for your future, and a strategic plan for taking control of your life and building success on your terms.


(4) Celebration!

On our final call together we will take time to look back on all you have accomplished and celebrate your wins!

Route to Rise

  • Unlock the keys to habit formation, so you’ll be able to develop the healthy habits you’ve been struggling to create, and hold yourself accountable so you stick to them!
  • Identify and eliminate your kryptonite, so you can stop hitting snooze a gazillion times and have more energy and time to get things done.
  • Deep dive into body-mindset, or the mind-body connection, so you can gain clarity on your deepest desires and turn those desires into your reality, ultimately giving you the focus and awareness you need to actualize your greatest life.
  • Discover and truly understand what drives you, so you can feel totally aligned with YOUR purpose, values, AND passions as you design your best life – without having to make sacrifices.
  • Identify your North Star goal so you can eliminate uncertainty, know what to prioritize, and confidently make decisions that move you closer to the life that you want for yourself daily.
  • Learn how to plan for your future effectively while creating more balance in your days, so you’ll be able to stop feeling like you don’t have enough time to build your ideal life and remove the worry around getting things done.
  • Build success on YOUR terms, so you can live a life you’ve CONSCIOUSLY built – NOT the life someone else wanted for you.

Your Investment

1 payment of $1500 or 3 payments of $550

A couple years ago I was sitting at my desk at 6pm pulling my hair out while marking stacks of student papers. I haaated it.

I suddenly felt stuck.

Trapped by the years of work I had done to get there, trapped by all the expectations of other’s and the well meaning “you’re an amazing teacher the system needs you’s”, trapped by my Time Anxiety and Bully Brain telling me I didn’t have enough time/ I wasn’t good enough, and trapped by my seemingly never ending exhaustion & brain fog.

I was hitting the snooze a gazillion times in the morning, dragging myself to work, and crashing when I got home.

What I began to recognize is that school skips the essential skills that we all need in life to be successful.

No one taught me how to transition careers, how to overcome my internal and external bullies, how to manage my time, create healthy habits, or how to increase my energy in a world where our choices are often made for us by the profit-driven food, diet, and exercise industries.

So I dove into researching nutrition, habit creation, mindset, positive psychology, flow states, neurobiology, and biohacking. I started to meditate daily, enrolled on a course to become a Certified Human Potential coach, and started sharing my knowledge with my students.

Then, when COVID hit, I got surplussed from my contracted teaching position and added to the full-time on-call list. At the same time I was seeing people losing their jobs, not knowing how to manage their stress, and struggling to maintain their health and wellbeing at home.

In contrast, thanks to my research and our lifestyle changes, my husband and I were healthier than we had ever been before.

I knew then that I had to help…

and Route to Rise was born.

I know how overwhelming it feels to wake up and realize that you’re not where you want to be, and I also know that it IS possible to live the life of your dreams, no matter where you’re at now!

It’s YOUR time to Rise.





Don’t let your Bully Brain convince you to procrastinate any longer or tell you that you are not “x, y, or z” enough to create your heart’s success.


You are more than enough!


The time is now.