Time Mastery Guidebook

Master time like the boss you are and have a life outside of entrepreneurship.

Every single entrepreneur needs to be able to master time like Dr. Strange…

… because if you want to progress quicker with less effort AND have a life outside work, it’s the BEST skill to have.

Grab the Time Mastery Guidebook to learn it now (no fancy apps required)

With this Guidebook I’ll Help You:

✔️ Understand how to stop feeling so busy all the time.

✔️ Learn how to prioritize and know what’s important, so it’s EASY to make decisions.

✔️ FINALLY stick to your plans and stop letting your personal priorities fall by the wayside. So you can be happy with what you’ve done for the day, stop, and enjoy.

Who is Sarah Mae?

Sarah is a Peak Productivity Coach that helps entrepreneurs go from “busy” to balanced, so they can actually have a life outside of work.

She’s a certified Human Potential Coach and brings decades of teaching experience to her coaching.

After going from extremely burnt-out educator to entrepreneur and co-founder of the Best Life Coach Collective, Sarah now helps busy entrepreneurs create more time, energy, and clarity, so they can be productive when they need to be, and “unproductive” when they want to be – no guilt.