Drowning in To-Do Lists?

1-1 Coaching to help you find clarity and Rise to your Peak Potential.

Pause for a moment - How do you feel right now?

Tired? Overwhelmed? Unmotivated? Too many things on the go and no idea what to focus on? Ugh, I have been there!
Now, imagine yourself in 90 days. Is it more of the same? What if it doesn’t have to be?
What if, instead, you felt Energized with MORE Clarity AND Motivation than you have had IN YEARS (or maybe ever!)?
You owe it to yourself (and humanity) to Rise and make your dreams reality.
I can help.
SMae Peak Potential Educator & Life Coach

Sarah Mae (she, her)

Hi! I'm SMae, a Peak Potential Educator & Life Coach.

It can feel so energy draining and overwhelming not to have a clear plan on how to make your dreams reality, especially when you feel like you have tried everything.

- I get it!

Thankfully this does not have to be your story.

After over a decade of working with children and youth, including three years as a High School Career Education Teacher, I know what the school system does not have the resources or opportunity to teach. Furthermore, as a Peak Potential Coach, Brand Specialist, and Trained Meditation Teacher, I really know how to help people get grounded, identify obstacles, find clarity, and create a Genuine Success Plan™ to reach their dreams.

I love helping Youth, Adults, and Solopreneurs get unstuck and Rise to their Peak Potential.


So, are you Ready to Rise? Let's Rise Together!

1-1 Coaching

Tired? Overwhelmed? Unmotivated?
I Got You! Your 4 steps to Rise:

(1) Set up Base Camp – Energy, Mindset, & Habits.
(2) Create your Genuine Personal Success Plan™.
(3) Start Rising – Turn your GPS Plan into action.
(4) Celebrate Success!

Brand Consultant

Solopreneur just getting started?
Root to Rise in 3 easy steps:

(1) Clarify your Message - your Brand Story.
(2) Create your Look – your Brand Design.
(3) Celebrate Success!

Teens & Teachers

Are you a Teen feeling anxious about school, family life, or relationships? Or a Teacher facing burnout?

I offer FREE coaching to Teachers and Teens!!