You Were Born to Rise

I help ambitious people gain the skills, motivation, and clarity to live the life they have always dreamed of.
SMae Peak Potential Educator & Life Coach

Hey There! I'm SMae,
Peak Potential Educator & Coach

I help people get unstuck, gain the skills they didn't learn in school, RISE to their Peak Potential and THRIVE, because the world needs you to BE who you were BORN to be and DO what you were BORN to do.

You've got BIG Dreams.

You KNOW you are on this Earth for something more...

So what's getting in the way? Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Low Energy - How many times do you hit snooze?!
  • A Bully for a Brain - Seriously though...
  • Not Enough Time - How do people fit so much in a day!?
  • Crappy Habits - How is that morning routine going?
  • Tons of To-Do Lists - Do you have a list of all your lists?
  • No Idea Where to Start...

It's not you're fault.
This stuff is not taught schools!

As a High School Career Education Teacher, I always felt that there is not enough time to teach essential non-academic skills. So now I combine Life Coaching and Teaching to help bridge the gap between the WHAT and the HOW.

Your Route to Rise

Here's what 1-1 Coaching with me for 90 days looks like...

(1) Base Camp

Create a solid foundation to Rise on. We will look at increasing your energy, shifting your mindset, and creating solid habits/routines.

(2) Your GPS

Create your Genuine Personal Success Plan™. You will gain clarity on your values, craft a vision for your future, and do some strategic planning.

(3) Time to Rise

Put your plans into action by defining your keystone goal, directing your focus, and creating accountability so that you follow through.

My Latest Musings...

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